Hello everyone! First off, I want to welcome you to my site and blog! I have been a Professional Makeup Artist of 12+ years in a number of different capacities. From my days working at busy makeup counters, jam packed wedding seasons, teaching at a makeup academy and much much more! Makeup has blessed me with many opportunities and has allowed me to take my creative passions further than I ever could have imagined! I have worked on countless photo shoots, music videos, T.V. shows, filmed an awesome tutorial with the crazy talented Kat Von D, and even worked with Beyonce’s dancers for the VMAs. Throughout it all, I have realized the best part of what I do, is having the ability to inspire. Whether it is making someone feel beautiful or encouraging someone to explore their own creativity, we can do it all through makeup!

If I had to describe my style… It would be glamorously clean and precise, but yet beautifully bold and messy!


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